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Pdnet is an internet-based law enforcement records and photo identification system.  It is designed to streamline participating law enforcement agency's mug shots, bookings, and record keeping functions by linking this mission-critical information with other local agencies.  Pdnet allows criminal records to be created, archived, retrieved, and disseminated among an unlimited number of participating departments.  Since most crimes in your community are committed by repeat offenders.  Their criminal history already exists in your information system or a neighboring agency’s system.  Consolidating and sharing your criminal records online will enable you to solve crimes faster.  
Investigators can quickly and easily construct photo lineups and posters for missing persons or wanted individuals.  These materials can be passed on to other agencies and the media via fax, e-mail, or posting to a Web site.   Pdnet facilitates the exchange of critical information needed by today’s law enforcement agencies.
Pdnet displays information in a fast, user-friendly, logical format.  No formal training is needed.  Pdnet allows the user to perform a search utilizing many different fields, including but not limited to: 
                            Name                                 Age                                 Weight
                            AKA Name                       Race                                Hair Color
                            Soc. Security No.              Sex                                  Eye Color
                            Drivers License No.         Height                             And more ...
Pdnet’s simple Internet connection allows records to be searched from the field using a remote PC, laptop, or Windows CE-based device.  In moments, officers in the field can identify suspects and familiarize themselves with a criminal's history.   As information is entered booking and investigation data maybe immediately and simultaneously reviewed by all participating agencies.   
All users access Pdnet via Internet.  All communications are secured with 128-bit encryption, User ID, Password, and Client Access Certificate (CAC).